!!! Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your $ Pro Rated Back !!!

(Seasonal contract) service for TAHOMA ONLY
Provides you with the peace of mind that it will be done each and every time it snows more than 5"
with no need to call or make arrangements simply know it"s done. Most drives consisting of 2 to 4
car spaces start at $525- but may be less, simply call for a free quote

(Will call) service is limited to Tahoma Mckinney Estates and Chamberlands
You simply call provide us with the necessary info for us to determine a price. In most cases we
are able to profile the service address on the Internet
Determining factors for price are side sloping up or down hill grades the size of the area to be
cleared and depth. We request that you arrange service 24 hours prior where as you are welcome
to try at the last minute by calling our office, you may also text your request. ..Payment may be
required in advance.

Seasonal contract versus will calls.
Consider the amount of times you your family friends or guests will be up throughout the season
.The amount of snow days from the previous season and the prediction for the coming winter
season. Will calls usually cost between 50.00 to 80.00 dollars for 2 to 4 car spaces. Versus a
contract at about 525.00 for the same 2 to 4 car space area for the entire season. As a courtesy
we take care of early and late storms.
With a (seasonal contract) your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money prorated back.
This also provides access in case unforeseen events such as flood fire etc.

Best Shore Snow Removal is owned operated and run under the supervision of itís owner with 13
years plus years of experience. We only provide contract service to the Tahoma area insuring
better service.

We have one of the best ratios of operators per accounts. (Meaning the amount of driveways each
driver does is limited) thus ensuring better service. We finish in half the time it takes others.

Reliable state of the art modern equipment that is drive way friendly. Trackless tractors are center
articulating this means less wear and tear on your drive way compared to skid steers and loaders.
The use of tractor mounted blowers allows you to decide where store the snow.

We also have extra equipment and operators eliminating the possibility of being left in the cold.

Licensed and insured.

We have full filled the guidelines of our contract for the entire history of the business without fail.
How many other service provider can say this.